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Dar-kom has been the real estate platform of brokers for consumers and entrepreneurs .  Dar-kom is a small website working with local brokers. Dar-kom is at the forefront of the newest applications of the Internet when looking for and finding real estate( house, appartement, Villa, Farm …). We understand the needs of the internet user and offer the smartest opportunities for brokers and advertisers. In this way we achieve the best result together. In the changing world, we guarantee the position of the broker and contribute to his daily success. For example, Dar-kom is the broker’s partner.

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Dar-kom real estate Management system that connect sellers and buyers in one place where modern aesthetics are combined with a tasteful simplicity and where the ease of use is achieved

Dar-kom which allows you to own and maintain a real estate marketplace, coordinate your agent

Dar-kom Was people search and find what they want seamlessly and fast

Get more calls, schedule more viewings and earn more commissions

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