SaaS Application Development

In case of an issue arises, the client can always contact us, and we will help to solve the problem. A company’s portfolio will help you gain a reasonable understanding of their process of work and methodology for the project. This will allow you to estimate whether they can align with your premises or not. Discover how Oracle’s Supply Chain Management & Manufacturing solutions help drive innovation and turn traditional supply chains into agile and integrated value chains. Reduce risk with experts managing software and overseeing cloud security.Rapid deploymentGet up and running in hours instead of months.

saas software development

As a provider, you need to update your application regularly and constantly optimize it. If the audience were too narrow, your SaaS business would be unprofitable. Users can run most SaaS applications directly through a web browser without having to download and install software, although some applications require plug-ins.

The popular freelancing platform Upwork delivers an estimate of rates between $110 and $270 per hour. SaaS Capital conducts a survey of private, B2B SaaS company metrics in the first quarter of each year. You can choose whether or not to add benefits such as PTO, retirement, bonuses, overtime, and employment training tax. UX and UI design are two different elements of a single consumer experience.

Customizability of the software

The app’s new version was much easier and less expensive to maintain, had stable high performance and modern functionality. As a result, the Customer was able to attract new B2B partners and draw external users’ loyalty and revenue from insurance purchases. ScienceSoft’s team accumulated profound knowledge cloud team of challenges, technologies, trends, and regulations in 30+ industries. This helps us create truly beneficial apps and do it as fast as possible. While a consultancy tends to charge more for a complete package of services, you have more control and customization options to integrate with your platform.

saas software development

To ensure the reliability of your product, you need to understand how it is performing under different conditions. SaaS development costs are agreed from the beginning so there’s no surprises. Software developers and other technical employees change their job often and you may have a difficult time retaining talented employees, which could result in delays for your project. They may also use React, Angular, or other frontend libraries, so you may need to hire React developers at some point depending on what you’re wanting to achieve long term.

We have expertise in both native and hybrid mobile application platforms. We convert your idea into reality by building a custom SaaS platform which is scalable and secure. Our team uses the latest technology tools to create a custom solution that can be scaled for future upgrades.

SaaS product development process: How to build a SaaS app from scratch

SaaS is highly flexible in terms of meeting the audience’s needs and adjusting to new market trends. The ability to change directions and quickly implement new components makes such solutions winning replacements for traditional licensed software. According to Gartner, user spending on SaaS is growing year by year, putting it far in the lead of other “as a service” delivery models. Recent growth is estimated in the tens of billions of dollars annually, from $121 billion in 2020 to $145 billion in 2021.

saas software development

Back in the day, you were able to buy a physical copy of Photoshop, whereas now it is connected to a monthly subscription plan that can also gain access to other Adobe products. The fee is much smaller than the cost of a physical copy of the program and allows you to update it. What is more, you can get a free trial period to test out Photoshop with no bounding contracts. This will depend on the complexity of your product, your team’s expertise and necessary integrations. Hiring SaaS software development experts will definitely shorten the development time. The number of team members can vary based on the project size and development budget.

Why choose N-iX as your SaaS development company?

Make sure you hire a developer with the right skill set, for example; you wouldn’t hire a Javascript developer for a PHP SaaS application. A frontend developer links together the world of design with the world of technology, packaging up the utility of the backend in an inviting way for users to interact with. In the operations and maintenance phase, developers watch software for bugs or defects. A major challenge to building a SaaS platform is when you have to migrate existing IT/application infrastructure from on-premise to cloud—or cloud to cloud.

Having an in-house development team can require more time and money due to time-consuming interviews, onboarding processes, and training. However, it also offers some interesting advantages over outsourcing and remote options. Even if you are engaging in rapid SaaS development, you should set aside time and money to hire a professional QA engineer to identify the most vulnerable parts of your application. It focuses on databases, scripting, website architecture, and, ideally, SaaS based application architecture.

  • We have worked with 100+ startups and enterprises and helped them raise millions of dollars by producing SaaS products.
  • Typically, its infrastructure is maintained by a third-party cloud-computing provider.
  • The conventional licensing approach involves a one-time license charge that, in most cases, is out of reach for startups and small and medium-sized businesses.
  • The SaaS model, however, offers very practical and flexible subscription plans that don’t place any financial pressures on users.
  • The difference is that it does not require companies to create the server environment, install a program, or activate the application.

Hiring a developer that offers specialized SaaS application development services is likely to reduce the overall development time required. With outsourcing, you can potentially hire an existing SaaS application development company that specializes in your industry. Reach out here, and let’s partner on building a software development team that will take you to the finish line (and beyond!).


Controls for these services usually are designed based on a combination of security, confidentiality, availability, processing integrity, and privacy principles. This includes how to best manage your SaaS compliance requirements. SaaS providers must be dependable–keeping the system online, functional, and secure for your customers who depend on it. Thanks to their ease-of-use and affordability, SaaS solutions are here to stay.

saas software development

They can stop using the app at any moment, add new features to their plan, and downgrade or upgrade their subscription plan in a few clicks after reviewing their activity. Traditional licensed software requires end users to wait a long time until an update is delivered to their hardware, which is inconvenient. SaaS delivers updates to all end users simultaneously, automatically, and fast. Again, price estimation is tricky so use this as a guide as opposed to a rule when you build SaaS applications.

SaaS platform development specifics

Let’s start by looking at some of the reasons why you should consider SaaS software development. The SaaS business model is popular as it offers recurring revenue in the form of a monthly or annual subscription payment. We custom-recruit developers according to your project demands and business needs.

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20 years of experience building software and web site solutions is what sets us apart from the competition. We have seen every functionality and have worked in almost every industry. Our clients range from new businesses trying to get a foothold in their industry to large established corporations looking to upgrade their current business software environment. We take the time to understand each of our client’s needs to create a custom web, mobile or desktop software that improves their business. You have started from, this is the high-time to take care of building the right features to take your business to the next level. Moreover, we are well aware of the problems you might be facing with SaaS app development at varied steps, from idea crystallization to pitching, planning and prioritizing to funding and so on.

Challenges of SaaS Software Development

It has been established that SaaS software development can be quite expensive for service providers. However, there are various considerations that can be made by the SaaS company to reduce the cost. While ideating a variety of departments such as tech stack, functionality, software capitalization, market opportunity, and several others are considered. Identifying the central demand for your SaaS application is pivotal for narrowing down the developmental requirements. Another aspect of collecting expenses is through any costs that are recurring. Marketing, advertising, and maintenance for your SaaS software are some aspects that yield recurring costs.

SaaS applications are becoming the norm in the tech world, and more diverse SaaS application types are continuously being developed to meet market demands. SaaS applications are hosted on cloud systems and are enabled through cloud computing. Your organization will need to become familiar with the regulations that apply to your industry, communicate clearly with your service provider, and be proactive to forestall any regulatory breach. Companies often host their software on third-party servers, and compliance with data protection laws is challenging when your company’s sensitive information is kept in a provider’s data center.

SaaS delivers applications as a service, i.e., the applications are hosted on the cloud and accessed through an API or the web. The business that uses the application agrees to pay only for the software used and for a specific time. The difference is that it does not require companies to create the server environment, install a program, or activate the application.

The onsite-offshore model is a hybrid product delivery model which functions as a combination of the onsite and offshore models. Onsite/Onshore refers to outsourcing a task within a city/country while Offshore refers to outsourcing abroad. The cost for this phase can range from $10,000 to $20,000 or more, depending on the backend services you opt for and the extent of maintenance carried out within a certain period.

The design, development, and testing phase follow the planning phase. The SaaS app design is prepared and finalized during the designing stage. There are various factors that can sway the development cost for SaaS products. Each of these factors affects the price differently and to different extents.

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